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Protegent Antivirus Fraud Review

Dj Chuchi

abril 23rd, 2023


If you are looking for your powerful and powerful antivirus program, then Protegent is one of the best options. This software may protect your PC from malware, adware and phishing hits. It also features data recovery and backup features.

Product Introduction

Protegent fish hunter 360 is the most robust of Protegent’s home malware solutions. It gives you real-time encoding and marketing tools that increase your system’s speed, protect against malwares, and restore lost or perhaps removed files. This software can also defragment your hard drive to improve efficiency.

Protection against infections and Trojan infections

The anti virus solution is designed to give protection to your computer right from malware and viruses that may cause serious damage. It has features just like data security, real-time checking and anti-spam to keep your info secure. It also prevents info seapage by preventing external mass media ports.

Dock Locker

This module from the Protegent 360 antivirus is a data leakage prevention instrument that prevents the copy of delicate data right from USB, printer, network joindre, and CD/DVD data room m&a working processes hard disks. It is specifically useful for those who retail store confidential info on their personal computers or laptops.

Activity News reporter

This Protegent malware scam feature records just about every keystroke manufactured by the user and monitors internet activity on a regular basis without the user’s understanding. It also delivers logs into a pre-set email on a timetabled basis.

Making use of this tool, the administrator can viewpoint detailed activity reports and will choose from a range of reporting codecs. It can also be customized to record any blacklisted applications used on the computer.

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